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Dental Therapeutic Line

According to data from the Mexican Dental Association (ADM), in Mexico 85% of people suffer from some type of dental disease. Among the most frequent diseases there’s Gingivitis and periodontitis, which is why at Liomont Laboratories we decided to launch a Dental Line into the market that is specific to treating these ailments.

Nedento® Gums | ClorhexidineVitamine B5, Allantoin

NEDENTO® GUM MOUTH WASH CLORHEXIDINE 0.12% and NEDENTO® GINGIVAL GEL CLORHEXIDINE 0.2% have a triple effect formula: antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and scarring, as well as reducing bacterial plaque. Due to its ingredients such as Vitamine B5, Allantonin and Vitamin E, with toning and regenerative properties, it helps reduce inflammation of gums affected by gingivitis, keeping them in good shape. And because of its adhesion capacity, it allows for a sustained action of the active ingredients.


  • Box with 30 mg 0.2% gel tube with applying canula and sealed cap
  • Box with 300 ml 0.12% solution and dosing cup
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Nedento® Triclosan | Vitamin B5, Allantoin, Sodium Fluoride

NEDENTO® TRICLOSAN MOUTH WASH and NEDENTO® TRICLOSAN TOOTH PASTE are products for mouth use and formulated to control and prevent gingivitis and dental cavities. Its specific formula is based on Triclosan, an efficient anti-tartar agent for maintaining gum health, and Sodium Fluoride, an anti-cavity agent of maximum activity. Due to its content in Vitamin B5 and calming and regenerative Allantoin, it helps reduce inflammation of gums damaged by gingivitis, keeping them in good shape in conjunction with the correct brushing and flossing technique.


  • Bottle with 300 ml 0.15% solution and dosing cup
  • Box with 75 ml 0.30% tooth paste
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Prescription Products

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Acceso a profesionales de la salud

Liomont le brinda la oportunidad de prescribir una amplia gama de medicamentos eficaces y seguros, elaborados con los más altos estándares de calidad (Certificación de calidad ISO 9001) que son respaldados por nuestros más de 80 años de experiencia. Las líneas terapéuticas que Liomont ofrece a todos los profesionales de la salud incluyen: respiratorios, suplementos alimenticios, neuromoduladores, antiinfecciosos, vejiga hiperactiva, gastroenterológicos, regulador del calcio óseo, antihistamínicos, antiobesidad, antivirales, anticonceptivos, antidiabéticos, disfunción eréctil, antiverrugas, antiparasitarios, cardiovasculares, analgésicos y odontológica.

La información contenida en esta sección es exclusiva para profesionales de la salud. Liomont no se hace responsable por el uso inadecuado de la información contenida en esta sección. Para mayor información acerca del uso de sus datos personales consulte nuestro Aviso de privacidad.