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Antiviral Therapeutic Line

People that suffer from several diseases like diabetes or peripheral vascular disease, tend to develop onychomycosis, which affects their health as well as their self-esteem. Another frequent alteration is dermatitis, which decreases people’s quality of life.

Cicloferon® | Acyclovir

Indicated in the treatment of initial episodes and management of recurring cases of: genital, simple and zoster herpes, chicken pox, and cold sores, even in immunocompromised patients.


  • Box with twenty-five 200mg tablets
  • Box with thirty-five 400mg
  • 60 ml bottle with dispenser cup
  • 125 mg bottle with dispenser cup
  • Box with 10 g 5% tube
  • Box with 5 g 5% tube
  • Box with 2g cream and applicator
  • Box with 2g nude color cream and applicator
  • Box with 2g cream
  • Box with 5 glass vials for 10 ml
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Cicloferon XTRM® | Acyclovir

Indicated in the treatment of simple or febrile herpes and chicken pox, even with immunocompromised patients.

50 ml atomizer bottle

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Valextra® | Valacyclovir

It’s indicated in the treatment of zoster herpes. It speeds up the disappearance of pain: it reduces the length and amount of pain linked to zoster, which includes acute postherpetic neuralgias; in the treatment of simple herpes in skin and mucous membranes, including initial and recurring genital herpes; in the treatment of lip herpes (cold sores) and prevention of the development of lesions when taken as first signs and symptoms of the simple herpes virus appear; in the prevention (suppression) of recurring simple herpes manifested in skin and mucous membranes, including genital herpes, may reduce the transmission of genital herpes when taken as suppressing therapy and is combined with the practice of safe sex; it’s indicated in the prevention of cytomegalovirus infection and disease following organ transplants, and prophylaxis. Valacyclovir reduces graft rejection (in patients with kidney transplants), opportunistic infections and other infections caused by the simple herpes virus and chicken pox.


  • Box with seven 1000 mg pills
  • Box with ten 500 mg pills
  • Box with forty-two 500 mg pills
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Seltaferon 75 ®| Oseltamivir

It’s indicated in the treatment of influenza in adult and children over the age of one.


Box with ten 75mg capsules

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