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Antiviral cream, efficient against cold-sores.

  • Reliefs discomforts like tingling, itching and stinging.
  • Speeds healing by stopping the virus from multiplying.
  • You can avoid it by applying it from its first symptoms. TV Ad TV Ad 2

Cicloferon® Classic and Cicloferon® Nude

  • Prevents cold-sores when applied from the first symptoms.
  • Stops the virus from multiplying thanks to its active ingredient (Acyclovir).
  •  Relieves cold-sores.

Cicloferon® Nude with a convenient nude color, that helps conceal the sore.

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Cicloferon® XTRM
and Cicloferon® XTRM Nude

• Prevents
• Stops
• Heals cold-sores
• Instantly numbs, thanks to its formula with lidocaine.

Cicloferon® XTRM Nude with a convenient nude color that helps conceal the sore and with 5 gr more product.

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