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Liomont Laboratories Continues the 2017 Children Crusade for a Mexico Free of Asthma


Liomont Laboratories and the CIMA program (Child Crusade for a Mexico without Asthma) joins this noble cause by donating treatments for patients with respiratory diseases such as asthma, rhinitis, respiratory infections, among others. Both the pediatric community and older adults are benefited since there are activities in the health area, the approximate number of people who attend is 1,000 in the medical area and 500 in the dental area.

On January 12 we held in the Municipality of Union Juárez Chiapas, one more action of our Child Crusade for a Mexico Without Asthma (CIMA); where in partnership with the DIF, we managed to provide medical care and treatment of respiratory diseases to more than 350 families, in three days of work. The main ailments were pharyngotonsillitis and otitis but we had the opportunity to detect some cases of children with asthmatic principles, mainly those in which at home they cook with firewood and are in direct contact with the smoke and vapors emanating from this activity. .

The communities that belong to the municipality and were benefited are, Talquian, Chiquihuites, Cordova Matazano, San Jose, Descent, Cerro del Carmen, Santo Domingo, Trinidad, April 11, El Desengaño, San Rafael, Nueva Esperanza, Eureka, Barrio Nuevo, The Alps, New Hope and Media Loma.

CIMA is an effort of Liomont Laboratories in the field of Socially Responsible Enterprise, being a link between Liomont, the Medical Body and the Society; its intention is to create an alliance with health professionals; since they are responsible for the attention of society, the generation and dissemination of knowledge and the flag of health in Mexico, Involve the population by raising awareness of respiratory problems

The Children’s Crusade for a Mexico Without Asthma (CIMA) we want it to be “The power of inspiration”

In the future we want CIMA to create awareness in society and improve air quality, fight against smoking that literally is a cancer for children not only by the diseases it generates but the example that perpetuates the consequences.

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