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XVI National Prize Amanda Rimoch to the Environmental Education

Mexico City, April 9, 2018.– As part of its commitment to society to promote a strong environmental culture, the Liomont AC Foundation and the Junior League of Mexico City IAP, delivered the National Award Amanda Rimoch to Education Environmental in the Papalote Museo del Niño.

This award, which has been held for 16 years, is a stimulus for students of public and private secondary schools across the country that generate projects for the preservation of the environment in their community, with the aim of promoting the importance of caring for nature. .

“With this award, we seek to honor the memory of Amanda Rimoch, a woman committed to the planet by encouraging young people in Mexico to solve environmental problems and generate greater awareness of the environment and sustainability,” said Ms. Martha Sofía Yarza de Mingramm, president of the Junior League of Mexico City.

In this edition, 80 projects were received. The three winning proposals received financial support to carry them out, improve their educational facilities and their environment.

The judges evaluated different areas, among which several axes stand out, such as the integral management of solid waste, saving of electric energy and application of alternative energies, saving and efficient use of water, conservation of ecosystems, recovery and development of green areas, and community environmental actions that promote the culture of sustainability.

The first place was for the Technical Secondary School 106 in Iztapalapa, Mexico City, with the project Greenhouse to produce inexhaustible supplies (hedera helix) for green walls at the technical secondary school 106, with the aim of reducing the cost of maintenance of fences. , improve the environmental conditions, learn from the cultivation of ivy and recover the habitat of the lizard.

The school received $ 175 thousand pesos, $ 100 thousand for the development of the project and $ 75 thousand for the acquisition of resources for the benefit of the educational activity of the institution they represent.

The second place received $ 120 thousand pesos, $ 80 thousand for the project and $ 40 thousand for the school. The Quetzalpapalotl (Mariposa sagrada in Nahuatl) project was in charge of Technical High School No. 80, located in Tláhuac, Mexico City. It seeks to recover green spaces that benefit butterflies and other pollinators by collecting rainwater and reusing water from sinks for irrigation.

The third place was obtained by two schools: the Technical Secondary School No. 127 in Ocosingo, Chiapas with the project Solid waste management for the organic production of tomato in the greenhouse, in order to promote the culture of coexistence between man and his environment ; and the Technical Secondary School No. 84, in Culhuacán Coyoacán, Mexico City with the project Rediscovering and Protecting Our Environment: Water and Biodiversity, to promote ethical behavior in the school community and a responsible environmental culture.

Both institutions received $ 60 thousand pesos, $ 40 thousand for the project and $ 20 thousand for their school.

“We are sure that education is the basis for a social and cultural change, we have found that participating in projects of this nature fosters the development of skills within the community, teamwork, coexistence and a sense of belonging, factors fundamental for the integral development of young people, “said Eng. Alfredo Rimoch, president of the Liomont Foundation.

This award also has the support of the General Directorate of Technical Secondary Education, under the direction of Maestro Manuel Salgado Cuevas, who each year motivates young people to participate with projects with which they feel identified and with which they find greater connection with their daily life.

“With the Amanda Rimoch award for environmental education, we reaffirm our commitment to education and the environment. We will continue to work closely with young people between 12 and 15 years old so that they can participate and benefit not only their educational institution, but so that together we can reduce pollution rates and make more rational use of natural resources, “concluded the Eng Alfredo Rimoch.



About the Junior League of Mexico City

Junior League of Mexico City, I.A.P., is an international non-profit organization of women committed to promoting volunteerism, developing the potential of women, and improving the community through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers. Its purpose is exclusively educational and social welfare.



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Liomont is a Mexican pharmaceutical laboratory that for 80 years develops, produces and markets medicines that help relieve human pain. It has a large portfolio of over-the-counter, prescription and biotechnology medicines, among them, the

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