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Liomont Laboratories Receives the CSR Emblem for the 13th Consecutive Year

In the setting of its 80th anniversary, the pharmaceutical company reaffirms its commitment to the wellbeing of its employees.
The company has a long path with sustainable actions that impact the quality of life of its collaborators, community, and environment.

Mexico City, May 21st, 2018.- For the thirteenth consecutive year, Liomont Laboratories received the CSR emblem awarded by the Mexican Center for Philantropy (CEMEFI for its initials in Spanish) and the Corporate Social Responsibility Alliance (AliarSE in Spanish) to all the companies that perform a responsible and continually improving management as part of its culture and business strategy.

From its beginnings, Liomont has a solid commitment with its employees, who have become the cornerstone of the company, which celebrates its 80th anniversary this year.

For Alfredo Rimoch, general director of Liomont Laboratories, this award is “a result of the sum of all efforts of every member of the company, of the team work to maintain the leadership of the national pharmaceutical industry, that has positioned the company in the first places of manufacturing and sales”.

Liomont is a 100% Mexican company that has crossed borders thanks to its quality and commitment. Today, they commercialize their products to the USA, Spain, Italy, Portugal, and 12 countries in Latin America.

As for Eduardo Fájer, Human Resources Director, he assured that receiving the CSR emblem is a “reason for pride and this type of recognition motivates and compels everyone to exceed their own expectations and above all, staying in a continuous improvement process”.

Relieving human pain is part of the corporate DNA and one of the values that the mission of Liomont Laboratories encourages and is translated into a long path of support to social initiatives that provide medical assistance to people in need, as well as causes that promote the preservation of the environment.

Among the activities directed at its employees, Liomont counts with a program in Support of the children of its collaborators through scholarships to students with average grades of 9.0, school supplies and a medal.

It also counts with an executive talent development program through which it trains all levels of the company, from directors to coordinators, key sales positions and operations personnel, with the purpose of transforming them into proactive leaders, capable of carrying out their tasks.

The quality of life of the collaborators is of outmost importance to Liomont, through their program Together for your Health it offers dietitian and medical consults, lab tests, and vaccination campaigns that impact the wellbeing of each person.

As part of its support to the community, in 2012 Liomont launched the Comprehensive Program Against Amebiasis (PICA in Spanish), which offers free complete and comprehensive treatment to vulnerable, high risk communities, in the fighting of one of the greatest public health problems in Mexico.

Since 2014, along with the National Pediatric Institute, Liomont operates the Children Crussade for a Mexico Free of Asthma (CIMA in Spanish) which aims to help the pediatric community of our country to decrease respiratory problems.

Liomont has been working with UNICEF for 19 years, and in recent years they created an advanced course on breastfeeding, where over 40 thousand employees of the health area and breastmilk rooms have been installed in the manufacturing plant and the headquarters.

In 2016, Liomont reinforced its commitment to taking care of the environment throug hits EcoLiomont Program, which aims at raising environmental awareness of all the company’s collaborators through activities such as collection of Tetra-Pak® packaging and reforestation campaigns. This year this campaign will take place in Ocoyoacác, in the State of Mexico, where the second manufacturing plant will be indurated by the end of the year.

In April this year, Liomont Laboratories received for the 6th consecutive year the Great Place to Work ® certificate, earning the 42nd position on the list of the 100 best companies to work in Mexico, thanks to its constant commitment for promoting policies and practices that improve the quality of life of all the collaborators that make up the company.

About Liomont

Liomont is a Mexican pharmaceutical laboratory that since 80 years ago develops, manufactures and commercializes medicine to help relieve human pain. It has a wide portfolio of over the counter and prescription medications, as well as biotechnological products, among them the first biotechnological vaccine against Influenza. The Liomont Foundation is an institution that supports and promotes the development of environmental projects performed by middle school students around the country.

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